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[[OFFICAL BLOG UPDATE]] with Hima-san answering questions!

Italy's holding a copy of the volume 4, coming out soon guys!~ (thanks to fmavatard  for pointing that out)

The special front cover page of Hetalia Volume 4 is absurdly pretty!

As for the Hetalia characters, are South Asian characters, more African characters, etc going to come in? (India, South Africa, Madagascar, etc)

India-san, in essence, is basically the same character as Hungary-san and is quite a crazy character and a character that I will thoroughly work over a bit more. The variety of people in India is interesting!

Ultimately, what sex is Monaco-san? A girl or a boy, which is it?

Yes, she's more of a girl. Everyone in the story will have a male version and a female version.

Romano and Belgium seem to be acquaintances, but what kind of things does Romano say to her?

Romano: H..Hey...Belgium...Good morning...Damn asshole...
Belgium: Cu,cute~  -  mame_meme  

I'm really looking forward to volume 6!

Mail from the future...I'll try my best!

>Could you please tell me which software you use to make HP, like adobe?

I mostly use freeware like alpha edit to make the site. Recently, I've been using adobe dreamweaver, but whatever software is easy to use is also good!

If anyone could translate the Japanese text, feel free to share with everyone~

Translation Credits
Thanks to both:
[info]mame_meme for translating the comic~
[info]nick_rolynd  for the text~
Tags: -belgium, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -italy south (romano), -monaco, -prussia, x do not use this tag - official site, x do not use this tag - romano
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