yana! (konbini) wrote in hetalia,

[scanlation] England and the ghost folklore of Japan

It's... England and Japan... and I don't know how to translate Kanazawa-ben to English. OTL

After forming the Anglo-Japanese alliance,
To deepen our friendship,
England-san stays over at my house.

A tengu's seat and England

England at the onsen

"Kappa's Miracle Cure"
This legendary medicine is said to cure anything.

Kappa and England

The ghost folklore in Japan

In this century, the belief in ghosts in Japan seems to have almost eradicated.

In Yamaguchi,

"A princess, who earned the misfortune of death at the peak of her happiness
a long time ago, turns into a shooting star and returns to her hometown."

In relation to this legend, people go to the "Shooting Star Contest" to compete in making the most genuine shooting stars.
In the contest just now, before them for everyone to see,
a genuine shooting star occurred in the sky and everyone got their video cameras...

Surprisingly, the people here and there weren't that excited about it.
Tags: official: scanlation
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