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[scanlation] Vol. 5, Track 10 - I, like, wanna be free!

Long time no see! I'm here with a translated strip from volume five. I did the translating and typesetting, but special thanks to aomori and jaywalkings for the raw scans and nameru_ja_nai for cleaning! Enjoy!

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1. It depends on the household, but in East and Southeast Asia, people usually leave their shoes by the door. I guess China's slippers clutter up the doorway once in a while!
2. Yuan Kai is a poet from Shanghai. He lived during the Ming dynasty. If you can read Chinese, here's a collection of some of his poems in simplified Chinese!
3. Yellow can also mean...
4. hao (好) means "good" or "OK" in Chinese.
5. Yes, Taiwan really says kawaii.

I didn't translate the blurbs on the side because I got lazy, but x_regg did right here!
I'll probably do the profiles for the Asian countries next.
Tags: -china, -hong kong, -macau, -taiwan, official: manga, official: scanlation
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