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My dead ancestor can do a better push-up than that

[Blog Update]

Blog Title: The Tokyo Olympics caaaaame!

It's a bit late to say this but I'm really looking forward to Tokyo Olympics! Spain's strangely alluring speech with "I have to do olympics, otherwise it's economically over with me in Europe!" was so cute. Just what I'd expect from Spain.

And the picture is Norway.

It's just text this time, I'm really sorry.

> I'd really like to see a character speaking in Tosa dialect (Kōchi Prefecture in Shikoku)!
I'm from Kōchi myself and
I always thought it would be lovely if somebody in Hetalia would speak with that accent.

To be honest, I'm currently pondering whether to make
Australia and New Zealand speak with a Shikoku dialect!
It looks like it could perfectly convey Australia's mysterious English.

>Do Hanatamago and Pochi
live as long as the countries?
Or do they have usual lifespans?

Hanatamago and Pochi are both normal dogs, but
their lifespans get longer because of the strange timeline of their owners.
If they get separated, their lives continue as they would with a regular dog.
Kumajiro too is supposed to grow into a huge and impressive polar bear.

If a normal person would be close to the nations like Pochi for a longer time,
their perception of time would get so warped that they could eventually lose their mind.

By the way, I couldn't decide whether to make Kumajiro a speaking stuffed toy or
a real polar bear, and then I saw a picture of a polar bear
happily frolicking through a private house in Canada! A real polar bear it is, then!
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