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[profiles] Character Profiles: Asia

Hey everyone!  Here are the character profiles for the Asian nations!  Since there are at least 22 nations that are listed in the site's "Country" section and several more scattered around, I figured I'd do them by sections.

So, here they are!

Translations by yours truly,  youkofujima .  Please feel free to point out mistakes.

Nation's name: JAPAN (Nihon/Nippon)
Capital: Tokyo
Language: Japanese
Birthday: February 11th
National flowers: Cherry blossom (sakura), chrysanthemum (kiku)

Human name: Honda Kiku
Height: 165cm
Age: "A secret"

A small country that appeared in the latter half of the world's history and didn't take more than several decades to become a powerful country in the orient.

As an island nation, he holds distinct cultures and customs which other countries see as mysterious even though he himself thinks he's perfectly normal.

Has a personality where he doesn't know much about the world, but is hard-working, serious, skilled with his hands, and needs time to adjust to other people.  Loves watching the seasons change by admiring flowers and the moon, believes elegance is the best.


Nation's name: Dae-Han Min-Gook (here, we are referring to South Korea, most likely)
Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean
Declaration of Independence (Birthday): May 1st, 1919
National flower: Hibiscus

Human name: Im Yun Soo (任勇洙 Imu Yonsu)  Thanks to rukawagf for the translation!
Height: Unknown (but taller than Japan and China)
Age: 15-16 (appearance)

An unbelievable nation in the south of the Korean peninsula.
Fundamentally, he is serious and puts the family first (the family is important),

but when it comes to Japan, he hustles more than usual.

Really muscular probably due his military experience.

Loves kimchi to the point of taking it into space and pissing off France.

Hobbies include saying he's the creator of things, watching dramas, and studying abroad.  Recently, he's been flashmobbing Canada.


Lately, he's even started to say things like "Aniki (Big Brother)'s aniki is me!" or "I'm the one who created kanji!" to the point where China is about to snap.


Nation's name: People's Republic of China
Capital: Beijing (Peking)
Language: Chinese
Nation's founding: 221 B.C.
Establishment of People's Republic: October 10th
National flower: Peony

Human name: 王耀 (Wong Yao)
Height: 169cm
Age: Roughly 4000 years old (he's pretty much at the level of a demi-god)

A nation that possesses a long history, a large territory, and the roots of Asian culture.

Ever since a long time ago, there has been a lot of disputes in the country that changed the nation, but the people are more or less the same.

His workers are quick to calculate the costs and benefits, and are straightforward in expressing their emotions.

Is also extremely superstitious and religious despite the times.

Also, because his nation is well known for its variety of food, gets irritated and nags if there is food that has a pattern of tastes.


The current image is China=pandas, but at one time they were handled mostly by Europe and America as an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal).
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