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[translations] Random character notes and Africans

Here are some translations and African nation-tans!

Originals here. The link to these is apparently removed from the main site so these might be discarded drafts?



・A useless young man of a southern country who loves girls, delicious food and the sun.
・His emotions are intense and he is a bit of a crybaby. His hobbies are drawing and siesta.
・If you approach him he seems to make a "Vee~" sound. His crying voice sounds somewhat like when you yell against an electric fan.
・The curl is "the sexual something of the Italians"
・This goes for Germany as well but because he didn't grow up much at one point of time I made his apparent age lower than his neighbours'.

・Nicely said he is quite big hearted, badly said he is a sloppy personality.
・He has a good head for business but since a lot happened and there is his brother who lost his motivation to do anything, their house's economy is slightly difficult.

・He has a habit of relying on Germany. Also, it's a mystery why his neighbouring countries pamper him.
・When he ended up in the hub of the world's attention because of his fight with Ethiopia, he was helped by America, France, Germany etc. so in the end he didn't get hit at all.

・He is the country that is the motive to draw this comic
・Physically he is not not that weak but because of "there are no cute girls watching", "the enemy is scary" and such reasons he's useless.


・Even though he only showed up in the latter half of the world history, he has shown a great growth and he is called the eastern island nation filled with miracles. His personality is shy, quiet and hardworking. He is just tiny bit masochistic.
・While he was staying confined (being hikikomori) the world went through many kinds of sudden changes but he got used to them in 10 years.
・Since he doesn't often voice his own opinions, he gives the surrounding people the impression that they can't tell what he's thinking.
In fact he is thinking about countless different things and taking them in his heart.
If it builds up too much he'll explode with 100 years level so caution is needed.

・He has a mysterious religion which has the belief that there are myriads of gods in the nature.
And he celebrates both Christmas and New Year.
・Even though he has a quite strange culture from worldwide perspective, he thinks he is normal and plain.
・His speciality is to arrange overseas cultures into his own style.
・Even seen like this, he is very much an old man. But he's thought to be their junior by his two allies.


・He is completely unable to read situations. He doesn't even try.
・He is a country of everlasting sunshine which is the source of his big hearted, cheerful personality.
・He used to be in really high spirits but in a short time he was beaten down by England and Holland.
He has walked through a pitiful history of being knocked down from his seat of a major power by the newcomer America he was going after and showed of by the surrounding major powers.
・For some reason only with South Italy he stays affectionate even when he's bankrupting his purse.

・He became related to the same Habsburg family with Austria through arranged marriage.
Spain got appointed with the older brother. This relationship ended completely in with the War of the Spanish Succession.
・He has an undesirable but inseparable relationship with France. Pierre #1 is for communication with Spain.

[Meaningless things]
He became this Kansai-ben speaking pitiful character thanks to a Spanish friend.
But I think it's good that he got Kansai-ben. Also, about the two countries linked by the Habsburg-family, I was a little surprised that Spain got the older brother. It's also sad that the big brother's life was shorter.

Working on Austria and Hungary now but they are a bit difficult so I need to check a few things. I have to say they are really interesting so far, though!


All information from the comments of this post. I just thought I'd post these like this too since I at least didn't know these pictures and all existed.

Lots of girls!

The turquoise notes are mine, btw.

Uganda says that the name Uganda comes from the old Buganda Kingdom.

Kenya says her(?) favourite food is nyama choma. (thank you natures_song!)

Botswana's speciality food is seswaa. He/she also says something else but I'm afraid I can't read it...

All of them say they belong to England or something like that. xD;

Why are all the Africans so pale? FAIL, Himaruya, FAIL.
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