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[profiles] EUROPE PART ONE

Here you guys go!  A part of Europe!  And by this I mean Spain, France, UK, and Switzerland.  The others will come up later.


Nation's name: Espana (or Kingdom of Spain)
Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Birthday: February 12th
National flower: Carnation

Human name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Height: Unknown
Age: 25 (appearance)

A kingdom in southern Europe raised by the sun, bountiful nature, and the warm climate.

昔は 商船で世界中を駆け巡って世界一の大国だった時期もあったが、イギリスに苛められ、年下のアメリカにやられ、大国の座を奪われてからはずっと貧乏と戦うハ メになったかわいそうな国。
Used to be a super power nation that traveled around the world with its merchant ships--but was then tormented by England, beat up upon by a much younger America, and engulfed in poverty and war ever since he was stripped of his status as a super nation.

But, he seemed to have tide himself through those hardships with Espanola Optimism.

His personality is bright, loves people, and has a country-bumpkin-like atmosphere everywhere.

His dishes are TOMATOES TOMATOES TOMATOES!  And sweets that aren't really that sweet.


Nation's name: Republique francaise (The French Republic)
Capital: Paris
Language: French
Birthday: July 14th
National flower: Iris

Human name: Francis Bonnefoy
Height: 175cm
Age: 26 (appearance)

Was once a large nation in Europe that had the continent within the palm of his hand.

Ever since England was born, they have been at odds with each other and are always trying to see which one is better and be acknowledged as such.

Ever since Napoleon passed away, hasn't really been very good in war, but became a country known to attract tourists by wine alone (such as showing them to vineyards and to touring the process of wine-making).

Very proud, and prides himself for having the most beautiful language in the world. Loves beautiful things--of course, that includes both males and females.


Nation's name: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (this is German for The Swiss Confederation)
Capital: Berne
Languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh, etc.
Birthday: August 1st
National flower: Endelweiss

Human name: Vash Zw
Height: Unknown
Age: 18

An eternally neutral nation that lives seemingly as a social hermit/recluse, surrounded by the grand Alps.

Even though Switzerland has an image of being peaceful, he is the biggest producer of guns in the world, has the biggest military strength and holds the world's wallet.  With this, he is able to be the eternal neutral nation because other nations are unable to really lay a hand on him.

Was originally born as a nation from strong unions/treaties, but because he doesn't have many relations with other nations, he hates outsiders (foreigners).

He will work hard on a job until the very last detail is finished.

He also has a past achievement of being hired by the Vatican as a mercenary.


Nation's name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I am translating his name to "England" or "UK" purely because I have asked people from the UK and they said even the nation's name is pretty tricky/touchy.)
Capital: London
Language: English
National flower: Narcissus, Tudor Rose
Birthday: Unknown

Human name: Arthur Kirkland (thanks to equivalent_t for this!)
Height: 175cm
Age: 23 (appearance)

A rainy empire that was once a pirate, now a gentleman (?)

Was once a subordinate of France, but after taking the top half of France's land and getting violent with him, it's spoiled their relationship and now they're fighting buddies.

As a former pirate, used to torment Spain and set up colonies here and there and everywhere.  Was a pretty violent little boy.

Is cynical, hates to lose, and is slightly obstinate.

Seems to be cold at first, but is surprisingly devoted to someone if he becomes friends with that person.

Has a real potty mouth, but is not a bad guy.

幽 霊や妖精や魔術、伝説といったものが大好きで幽霊の住民表や幽霊ツアーがあったりするほど。
Loves spirits/ghosts, faeries, magic and legends to the point where he has a list of spiritual residents as well as ghost tours.

Also, is a nation that keeps appearing on the news for stupid sex acts.

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