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[Scanlation] Fly, Canada-san, Fly!

Hi, everyone, and merry Christmas! I hope those of you living in Alfred and Matthew have finished your finals, because konkira (editor) and I (translator) have brought you a little something for the holidays. I also must apologize for the lag (it was done a week ago) as I arbitrarily figured it would be better served as a post-finals present.

So, with due haste, enjoy

■ The Mysterious 8th Person ■

Today's story will be about the eternally invisible Canada-san

■ Fly, Canada-san, Fly! ■
(t/n : a more literal translation might be 'Overcome, Canada-san', but it doesn't have the same ring.)

As Canada-san is hard to see, you may have difficulty spotting him on the page.

■ Dramatis personae ■

Canada-san : A sad country that nobody notices, thanks to America. He's kind, easygoing and honest, but without any special defining trait, runs a bit short on interesting features and is regularly forgotten.

He's labeled by the European countries as 'the country to live in when you're an old man'.

Kumajiro-san : A cute bear. He's here, there, and everywhere.
Can't remember his own master. Can't remember his master's name, either.

America : The source of all Canada-san's woes.

Cuba : His relationship with America fails to the point of diplomatic discommunication.
At heart, he's a cheerful and chivalrous man.
Loves ice cream. But lately he's starting to grow fat.

■ Complaining Canada-san ■

■ Canada-san and the one-sided goodwill ■

■ Canada-san and Canadians ■

Even on another continent, the English and the French just don't get along!
Also, the most populous ethnicity after English and French are Germans and Italians.

■ Quebec ■
A Canadian province mostly consisting of Frenchmen.
Once caused a huge ruckus about independence, but was voted off by 50.6%
Thus the Quebecois state remains only a thought.

■ Fight, Canada-san, Fight! ■

'Tomorrow's tomorrow begins with today' : a Canadian saying.

■ 'The Great Ethnicity' ■

As a result of Canada-san's hugely welcoming foreign policy, the great cities of Canada such as Toronto and Vancouver rapidly swelled with students and immigrants from Korea and China. Walking in these cities, one can observe signs, street conversations and shops practically flowing from these countries, turning them into cities with an ethnic air.

As studying abroad in an English-speaking country seems to be a sign of social status for many Koreans, Canada became a very popular place to learn with its cheap cost of living. Because they found themselves liking it so much, it seems many never returned to their country.

Although that would've been welcomed were it the end of the story... It became commonplace to buy drugs and the like in chinatowns, and the new immigrants started to take jobs away from the Canadians, who had never been all that great with business in the first place (once a Canadian business grows, it's usually swallowed by American ones).

They also mess around with politics, ending up in a 'what country's politics are we talking about anyway?' kind of situation.

But as the biggest final blow is the Canadian police's near abnormal lack of willingness to do anything, Canada-san's troubles continue.

■ Canada-san, England and France ■

■ Playing Catch with America ■

The extent of Canadian laid-backness is awe-inspiring to behold.
Make sure you have plenty of spare waiting time if you're going to Canada!
No matter how busy things are, Canadians will take lunch and coffee breaks in a most businesslike fashion, it can be tough to wait sometimes!

"You sure?" = phrase often uttered without a thought by young 'uns.

Trivial anecdote : Japan and Canada-san
In a song called Mr. Roboto once sung by Canada, there is a mysterious line in Japanese going "Domo Arigattou~ Domodomo". (A mispronounced version of "Thank you, thank you thank you~ /TN) Canadians think this song is well known even in Japan, apparently.

■ Little Boys ■

T/N : It's interesting to note that while France named Canada, well, Canada, the name 'British Province of Canada' didn't actually come into use until 1841. At this moment he should be the Province of Quebec (lol irony). Innocent mistake?

■ Once More Unto G8! ■

T/N : Neither konkira and I could figure out what swede has to do with hair, but it is literally what Sea-kun says in katakana. As I'm not sure whether this is regular Engrish or a pun on Sweden's name being....Sweden, we opted to go for the literal and hope it makes sense.

■ Pointless story ■

Actually, it's still unclear where Canada-san's borders really lie.

■ Canada-san and the Quarrel with America ■

■ Canada-san and Cuba-san ■

Canada-san and Cuba-san's relationship is actually quite good.

EDIT : The 'state' mistake is fixed! Thank you, every Matthewians, for pointing that out! XD;; Sorry for taking this long, I was having a brainfart and somehow remembered that as being On A Strip, which would require correspondence with my editor. Thank you again for the patience!
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