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England's Marshmallow Song

Okay, you guys must remember England's version of Bizet's "Farandole (L'Arlesienne)" which he sang on Episode 6 when the Allies had a campfire, right?

If you don't, you can hear it again here:

I was just wondering, can someone pleeeease write down the romaji version of it? I really want to sing along with Iggy <333

Here is what I hear:

" Nerarerato oye kitsu kise(i?) sumikare sumimade sougo o-akade. Atto kata mo... "

Dunno what the rest is thanks to America XD I have almost no knowledge of Japanese, so... I'm only basing that on hearing...

So... What does Arthur REALLY sing? XD Help?

EDIT: ANSWER FOUND!! Thanks to the incredible aokakesu :D

メラメラと焼き尽くせ隅から隅までその業火で跡形も 残らぬよう...
meramera to yaki tsukuse sumi kara sumi made sono gooka de atokata mo nokora nu yoo...
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