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[Sealand + Latvia Mascots] Better Option for Mac Users

Hi, I think I've found a much better way of using the mascot program on Mac using Wine without relying on a copy of Windows, and thought I'd share it with anyone interested :)

This method will work for any version, original Japanese or translated.
(Actually, it will work for a lot of Windows programs, not just the Sealand+Latvia mascots.)

So I've discovered that SSP will work fine with Wine (Wikipedia link), and has much more features than through NiseRingo that was mentioned on my previous posts.  You will be able to use both menus, pet the mascots' heads, etc. now!


1. Download a Wine program, which will allow you to run Windows software on Mac.  I used one called MikuInstaller (Just click the .dmg file near the bottom of the page) because it was really simple to use.  I'm sure there are ways to do this on Linux as well, but I don't know much.

2. Run SSP.exe through Wine.  You can probably just drag it into the icon for MikuInstaller.  Instructions and FAQs for the mascots and translations are found in my previous post.

NOTE: I don't know if this is just my computer, but the program freezes when I try to type into the Communicate box in Japanese.  So just try to use English words, and use Windows if you really want to.  (Or you could just read the "dic05_Communicate.txt" file.)

Please comment if this was helpful, or if I'm missing something and there's another way to do this :D

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