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Guidelines for Cosplay

Recently there was an incident at Anime Boston, that involved an ill-considered Seig Heil in front of a busy street on Passover. Details are here. And there are reports that this was not an isolated incident.

There seemed to be general agreement that this behavior reflects poorly on our community. To that end, I have compiled suggestions and general guidelines, from community members, for cosplayers, event organizers, and con attendants.

About Cosplay EtiquetteCollapse )

For CosplayersCollapse )

For Event OrganizersCollapse )

From con staffer kamuriakane: For people intending to run their own shoots, please remind people of their behaviour before you start taking pictures. You can't watch everyone, but you can have a better chance if you tell the crowd.

For EveryoneCollapse )

If you're a event organizer and you'd like me to rewrite a copy of this for you to give to your cosplayers, please post a request here (including any additional specifications, like a tone adjustment or more/fewer rules). Or feel free to copy it and add whatever you need.

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This is -wonderful-. I think I'll borrow a copy for an event later this year for those who are participating (though the ones I know aren't the type that need reminding..)

I'm just so glad ♥.

Deleted comment

Oh! Thank you very much, I'll definitely add this in!

Also if you think it'd help, I can whip up a "short version" of this that can fit on an index card, replacing some of the links with quotes. (either as general guidelines or rules to follow during a photoshoot)
Good Job, hopefully everyone will read this before they cosplay again :D
The Hetalia cosplay community has had me shaking my head lately.

I'm really hoping that at the con I'm attending in May won't turn into mass chaos, otherwise I'll go serious German on them. [And no, I'm not being offensive, I'm German.]

Just helps that I cosplay Germany. C:
...and by serious, I mean lay down the law. I don't want to sound like an irresponsible cosplayer. DX
And this is why I love you guys. <3
I’ve only cosplayed a couple of times before (both those times as England), and when I saw that there are now rules I was very worried that it was going to be more about "if you can’t act like or look like the character your cosplaying then don’t do it" or things like that, because I’ve always thought that cosplaying was just for fun and because we like the shows (that’s why my friend and myself do it anyway, neither of us can act to save our lives *lol*).

But seeing that the rules are more along the lines of not offending people and to be respectful of others I’m more relaxed about, as I thought that most of this was just common sense anyway...... though I am now a bit nervous about cosplaying as Russia as I was planning to do in May ^^; But I may be reading a bit to much into it (I usually do ^^; )

They’re good guidelines though, and I’ll make sure to show them to my friend as well ^__^
Most of these should be common sense. Still, it's good to have them written up. I hope people will follow these general principles in the future.

I don't cosplay myself, but I will be saving this for future reference.
Thank you and everyone else who contributed to all these guidelines.

I don't cosplay myself, but I know people who do; and I'd be happy to know that they'd follow these and be respectful. I plan to share this on facebook since I'm a member of one or two hetalia groups, and just posting it in my status will help too :)

Deleted comment

Absolutely! Take whatever you wish.
Thank you for posting this. I stumbled across this posting after reading about this horrible thing at Boston con and I guess it's necessary, as sad as this sound.

I'd just like to say something about one guideline:
--To that end, if your costume includes a flag in it, please respect it. For more details and why this is important, see this post. Even the US has a flag code that many people take seriously, including veterans and military personnel.

I guess that everyone agrees that there are certain countries where it is absolutely inappropriate to "disrespect" a flag, ie the USA. But as people pointed out in the linked thread, there are many countries (especially in Europe) where one can treat a flag any way they wish and nobody would be offended by that. In fact, I am sure that saying something like "Respect our flag" in Germany will make any listener quietly wonder if that person is a neonazi or something. :| I get that the posting is mainly about the USA, and I guess considering the strong feelings people harbor over there for the flags, any flag should be respected.
But you cannot impose that guideline in every country, and it feels a bit insensitive to do so regarding every country's own culture (in regards of how they treat flags in general). ^^; Maybe you didn't think about it, and I mean it's alright, but... you know? |D
Ah, yes. I probably should have been clearer on that, but every guideline is naturally different depending on where you are. The flag post itself that I linked to has a few comments to that effect.

As I said earlier in another thread, I'll change it to make it clear that customs are different in different countries.
Here in France, all nazi-like behaviours are strictly forbidden and punished by law (like, really) But we don't have anything against the soviet symbols (as long as I know)

Concernant realistic guns, they might be a problem, considering the latent paranoïa recently (our government is getting reaaaaaally obsessed by security), so be careful.
Ah, great. Thanks for weighing in! I'll add a note about that to the main post.

Regarding gun replicas, I think I'll put it under con rules since I know a lot of cons have rules about realistic weapons--unless there's a specific law that concerns them.


7 years ago

By the way, the French Hetalia community is planning to translate this guidelines, so the francophone can take a look at them more easily
Thank you for work :)
Thank you so much for posting this. I think it's important for everyone to be able to understand this concept. It really does cast a bad light on everyone when a handful of people does something stupid.

I hope you don't mind but I put a link to this in my DA journal. I'm friends with a lot of cosplayers and I wanted to get this out there.
Oh, of course! The more people who see it and spread it around, the better!
We are so slow.
Most(?) asian fandom has a general etiquette/manner guideline made back in 2008 > <
Some rules include to type a country's name with slashes (or use human or nick names), eg R/u/s/s/i/a or R.u.s.s.i.a.
That's why when some (mainly chinese) artist post to international fandom they type weirdly.
Not to mention most of them are really spend their time on researching on a country's history before they make a doujin/art/fanfic.

I believe the Hetalia fandom is the nicest one around, don't disappoint me plzzzz.
...We're ALWAYS behind Asia...
in belgium (or anywhere in europe, i believe) it's not a good idea to use swastikas or have nazi memorabilia.
i explicitly remember my teacher drawing a swastika on the chalkboard, telling us to never use it because we could get arrested however i'm still looking for references on this matter and it might have been she just didn't want us drawing swastikas all over or something.
and i know i don't have a say in this but i think honestly it'd be better if cosplayers left the historically accurate cosplays for photoshoots. i can't imagine how awkward it feels walking around a con in a soviet uniforms, but i guess you have people that aren't ashamed ...
This is all very helpful and I totally agree. I am part of a hetalia cosplay group and I would love to get some opinions on a nagging issue.
So I cosplay prussia and I ordered an iron cross to go with my cosplay and though it wasn't invented in Germany and was used before world war I and II, I understand it may be associated with nazi-germany and such. Do you think it is appropriate to where at cons and what not? I would hate to offend someone...
Good question...

As the (non-swastikafied) iron cross is not Nazi imagery, it is not included in any Nazi-imagery prohibitions, unless specifically mentioned. So from a con-policy standpoint, I think you're fine.

The question of offense is a bit harder. As far as I know, there haven't been any incidents around using the Iron Cross in cosplay. People tend to either know the history or don't know enough to be offended. I can't say for certain that nobody would be offended, of course...

From my safe, not-cosplaying-this-Otakon comfy chair, I'd say go for it: it is appropriate for your costume and historical. The fact that you're asking this question means you've thought a lot about it. If people who don't know the history do get offended, hopefully whatever discussion comes out of it will be reasoned and educational--that's what Hetalia is about after all, right?

Ultimately it all depends on how comfortable you are. =D
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I know I'm coming in two years late, but thank you for writing this, ALL of it. When I first got into Hetalia, I was truely bothered to see an America Cosplayer LAYING on the American Flag. Um, the rule that I know of is, you're disrespecting it, so now you have to burn it cos it touched the ground.

To all the nay sayers and people who say this was over the top - it's really not. As is said up there -> We're cosplaying REAL countries not just characters in an anime. If you can't handle the responsiblity that comes with it then you might need to go cosplay as something else.

Thanks for writing this. As a newbie cosplayer (Italy and England) it's nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this! <3

Robin Gurl
Wow, thank you for posting this. I will make my first Hetalia cosplay at a convention this august and I'm glad I could read that! I'm seriously not an offensive person and i'm too shy to jump and hug people right away or even talk to others XD, but I mean it's very nice that those rules were made :)
I didn't know for instance that such symbols as the swastika and the red star were banned in some countries. I didn't know that letting a flag touch the ground could be insulting...
I never thoughts about the non-Hetalia fan public that sees us. ( well last year I didn't know what was Hetalia, and the people seemed to behave quite nicely so I guess we're okay, not to mention the costumes were awesome <3)
I really hope though, that nothing bad will happen this year. I've heard so many distasteful stories that made people stop cosplaying Hetalia X_X
This stresses me *phew* I'll see when I get there.
Thanks again!
Hi, glad to see you cosplaying!

I'm sure your event will go fine--if only because these things are usually a minority. Hetalia is a huge, popular fandom and there are a lot of con events. Some, unfortunately, have problems, so we compiled this post from a related discussion in part to try and reduce issues.

Even so, lots of people don't even need it. Just keep cool and have fun. =)
User nike2422 referenced to your post from Stay classy, Hetalia cosplayers saying: [...] yers who keep their brains with them at all times have posted dos and donts of Hetalia cosplay. [...]
I won't be breaking any rules if I break my cousin's arm if she does anything stupid at a con, will I? ^^"
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