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[SELLING!!!] HETALIA STUFF~ Plushies, figures, cookies and more!

Hello! I'm a university student in Japan! I'm selling some Hetalia goods I have, and I'll probably be willing to take requests for anything, but first, onto the goods!

[EDIT] Prices cut!

Mochimerika is sooo adorable! He's on a ball keychain. He makes the perfect companion to your America plushie. ;)
Or to any plushies! :D

One available, Price $20 + $5 shipping


Ita-chan! He's cute and waiting for you to take him to a good home, and probably for Holy Roman Empire to return~

One available, Price: $37 + $8 shipping


This young lad needs a comforting person to give him lots of love!

One available, Price: $37 + $8 shipping

North Italy!

Italy is looking for a nice home, with lots and lots of gelato! :)

One available, Price: $37 + $8 shipping

One Coin Russia figurine!

Russia! Here he is holding his vodka and faucet pipe! I haven't taken him out of his package, but he stands up on the small hetalia coin included.

One available, Price: $18 + $5 shipping

Hetalia Cookies!

These cookies are
Following in Culture Enlightening (文明開化の足音)
Strawberry Jam Sandwich Crackers!

The box explains that strawberries were really only fully used after the Cultural Enlightenment of Japan.

These are 53 grams of strawberry cracker goodness! There's also an omake sticker sheet!

2 boxes available, Price: $12 + $5 shipping

These are Chibi America and England's Homemade Style Cookies!
They are "country style"!

There are three cookies inside as well as an omake sticker sheet!

These cookies were released on the 22nd and they were almost gone by the time I got there, so I think they will be gone fast!

2 boxes available, Price: $12 + $5 shipping

Hetalia World Pretzels!

There are two bags of pretzels inside (salt flavor~) and also an omake MEMO PAD with ten sheets!! (Very nice omake!)

One available, Price: $12 + $5 shipping


I live in Japan so I will be shipping from Japan.

I can only accept payment through PayPal. I'm sorry.

ALL items were bought IN Japan, new. These are NOT cheap Hong Kong knock-offs, these are the real deals! I haven't opened any thing (except to see what was inside the figurine box!)

If you would like something I can try and find it for you! Please keep in mind that a lot of the most popular goods were also limited only items so they may be very difficult to find, but I can look!

I created this LJ separately but I have had an account for long time, my other account name is ninja_setsuna

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!! :)
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