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Papercraft Dolls - 17 Countries XD

I finally did it! I made all the 17 (my favorite number) countires that I could find XD I feel rather proud of myself :3  No fancy backgrounds/props this time, just the dolls to show what they look like.

~I decided that if anybody wants to request a certain country with/doing a certain thing (ex. the one with France and the Barbies), feel free to and I'll do my best to get a picture of it XD~

So without further to do, I present 17 countries

America                                        Austria                                               Canada

China                                            England                                                France

Germany                                   N.Italy & S.Italy                                                                              Japan

Lithuania                                       Poland                                                  Prussia

Russia (Normal Sized)                    Sealand                                                   Spain

Switzerland                                                              What a Wonderful World XD
Tags: -america, -austria, -canada, -china, -england, -france, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -lithuania, -poland, -prussia, -russia, -sealand, -spain, -switzerland, fan: crafts
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