You wish you were 1 2 (rinrin0) wrote in hetalia,
You wish you were 1 2

[Scanlation] Boss Spain and Chibi Romano

Redid the Boss Spain strips! The new art is so lovely ;u;

The first part was already done here.

Romano's speech bubble was already blank in the original book. In the webcomic version, it had something, so I guess they somehow missed it in the published version?

There are a few minor changes in the dialogue for book three as compared to the original webcomic strips, in case anyone is actually comparing them or something.

Also, my Japanese teacher misread "Austria" as "Australia", which made me giggle a bit. (Not too loudly, though...)

Next I am trying to redo the Spain, Romano, and Turtles strip~
Tags: -austria, -italy south (romano), -spain, official: scanlation, x do not use this tag - comic
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