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[Translation] Hetalia Story

My friend introduced me to Hetalia yesterday and I got so easily obsessed with it, I decided to translate the author's story summary on the Web site. My Japanese reading skills are not very fluent, so if you spot any errors, please let me know. ^^


Hetalia’s general plot thus far

Axis Power Hetalia
The past was very violent.
By surrounding Germany, England thought it would be victorious.
-- but they were mistaken.

This story is fictitious and is not related to any real person or country.

A long time ago, the Legend of the 7 Kings that Created Rome says it was the strongest empire in the world.

(Portion omitted)

However, those that are inept and forget history are somehow doomed to repeat it.

Italy, Germany, Japan are at the center of this gag comic about history that personifies countries. Hurrah for Italy.
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