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Hetalia Seiyuu Event - English hard subs!

For those of you who for some reason couldn't work the srt file, and for those who got a different video file and the timing was a little off, I made a hard subs version, and finallllly managed to upload all of it, after leaving my PC on for days. (my connection is sooo slow! T_T)
Sorry, I could only upload it to megaupload, since mediafire only allows files smaller than 200mb.

The file is mkv, and it's quite big (over 2GB) so I had to zip it into several parts. You just need to unzip the first one.

Without further ado,
Megaupload folder (11 files total)


My friend who translated it (who still wants to remain anonymous), lovesss fangirling and she was disappointed no one fangirled about the event... so it would be nice, as a sign of gratitude for her, if you commented about the event, stuff you loved, what made you laugh, etc. (please tell her you loved Konishi's America cosplay! XD) she would love to read those kind of comments much more than thank yous, and marriage proposals XD (and then maybe she'd also sub the 2nd event when it's out!)

Among my favorite moments: NamiDai failing to do America and everyone calling him Italy (as in hetare XD), Konkon saying he's Canada and the audience goes WHO??, Russia's seiyuu failing on his own role in the group dubbing, the nontan bullying (like when everyone bobs their heads to UK song and when they forced him to taste the cancer cake and pushed him away to pounce on the cake when they saw it's not poison XD), Onosaka being a pervert and taking everyone down with him is a given XD and of course there are tons more, I love those crazy guys (and girls) x3


ETA: Of course something has to go wrong. Megaupload decided to be evil Dx The links seem to work for me, except every time I click something else will suddenly become unavailable. Just try again later or something, I dunno what's the deal and I'm paying for this crap :/ (if by tomorrow it doesn't work, I'll re-upload. Stay tuned!) Sorry guys, I tried T_T
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