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[fanfic dump] I can't hold all these drabbles

Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've made rounds on the scene here, but I've got a few fics I'd like to share with all of you. They're short, sweet (okay not really), and ready to be consumed at a moment's notice. These links all go to Dreamwidth, which I hope is fine.

Prospective fics have links to their counterparts on Ao3 and FFnet as well, just in case you're interested in reading there instead.

So anyway! Without further ado:


Title: What We Keep in Our Silence
Characters: America, Philippines (OC)
Warning: Allusions to current events, maybe some lampshaded USPH if you squint carefully.
Summary: “… I’m not terrible like they say I am, am I?” America, Philippines, and late-night drinking.

( Because America doesn’t believe in sentiments in words but in actions, and Philippines wishes he better understood the weighted value simple dialogue can hold. )


Title: Amber
Characters: Russia, Prussia
Pairing: RusPrus
Warning: None.
Summary: So instead they stand together quietly in this room, in this amber chamber of memories.

( And what about me? What about my memory? )


Title: A Juxtaposition of Correlations
Characters: America, England
Warning: References to colonial expansion and America being a hypocrite, but otherwise none.
Summary: “It is a change from how you thought of me less than a century ago.” “Things were different less than a century ago.”

( Its strength will be our strength; Mahan's words. )


Title: První Máj
Characters: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Pairing: CzeSlo/Velvet Pair
Warning: Possible post-divorce feels.
Summary: It’s said that if a couple kiss under a cherry tree on the first of May, their relationship will be a happy one. Or; Czechia and Slovakia meet again under a cherry tree.

( "Who said anything about me missing you?" )
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UK Brothers Art Dump

Title: UK Brothers Art Dumb
Artist: ani_bester
Rating: G
Characters: England, Sealand, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, republic of Ireland, Cornwall
Media: Ink, gel pens, and highlighters
Ships: N/A
Warnings: NA (OCs??)
Description: The first is a set 0f images showing the UK Isle siblings with dogs (and one cat) related to where they live. Then just other images of the UK siblings interacting.

Collapse )

Again, I know this is OC heavy which I shouldn't post but the group is so slow now, I hope it is ok :/ But if not, let me know, and I'll edit it back to just pics which include England or Sealand.
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[Selling] One Coin Figures & 5 France X UK, Spain x Romano, Russia x Prussia Doujinshi, 400 Pages

1) One Coin Figures:

2) Doujinshi Set:
Lot of 5 APH Doujinshi. Main pairings are France x UK, Russia x Prussia, Spain x Romano

Total around 400 pages (each side of a page counts as 1).
4 doujinshi are in Japanese, the 5th is in Chinese (the one in the lower right corner with France x UK on the cover).
Rating up to R18.

Comes with 1 bookmark.

Ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hetalia-APH-Yaoi-Doujinshi-Lot-Set-France-X-UK-Spain-x-Romano-Russia-x-Prussia/332529430308?hash=item4d6c4c6f24:g:IUoAAOSw-RhaWYlW