Rooftop Scenery (rooftop_scenery) wrote in hetalia,
Rooftop Scenery

[selling] One coin figure #2

Hey there !
I have a question about the One Coin figure round 2.
A friend of mine want to get Prussia, but since he is one of the most wanted, she can't find him on the Internet (or it's always so pricey). 
So I told her that she should try buying the whole pack, but before that, I would ask around here if someone would be interested on buying them.

We made some estimations, and the price of the figure would be around ~12-15$ (shipping included) or maybe cheaper for Europeans since we live in France.
And the figure available would be : Sweden (mintbun ) / Finland (lunarosewolf ) / Austria (rsxavior ) / Hungary / Spain (songra ) / HRE or Chibitalia / Canada (silenttaiyoukai ) / Greece

We want to be sure that someone will buy them to make the order.
All payment will be done with Paypal. Plus the payment isn't required until she makes the order (so we'll be sure about the shipping cost which will help to estimate the price of the figures)

Anyway, leave a comment if you're interested ! And please, serious buyers is needed~!
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