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Plurktalia is a Hetalia rp group in Plurk, and we are in need of new roleplayers. Such nations as Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Liechtenstein, Hungary and Ukraine for example are still available.

The group has been up since September, but don't let that deter you. ;) Some of us are very new to Plurk and/or roleplaying, so mistakes are to be expected, and so no one will bitch at or about you if you make one or two.

The group, in overall, is very nice, sweet and caring group and we'd absolutely love if you joined us! 

Also, while the rp is mainly set to present day, there will be events where the timeline and/or universe may alter. Right now, we're going to start a Demons vs. Angels -themed event soon and everyone's pretty excited about it.

If you want to join, follow the links~

Applications - Characters - Rules
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