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[AD] Endelige, an AU Gakuen Hetalia RP

Year 2050.

The last of the earth's land has been swallowed by the raging sea levels as Mount Everest disappeared beneath the sea. As the countries disappear beneath the ocean, the countries of Hetalia lose their status as a country, and are nothing more than mere humans.

When all looked bleak, it rose. From the raging seas, a large column of land extended far above, safely away from the seas. The now humans fled to the new land, thereby naming it Endelige. What supported the entire place was the oasis it was, a small crater of water that never appeared to run dry.

Most noticeably, a school was created in the oddest circumstances. Four factions were formed — Xipil, for the noble and strong at heart; Kun, for the down to earth and humble; Almatar, for the believers and the dreamers; and Moana, for their elegance and refined manners. They were cliques in their very own way, and while it appeared peaceful, they was often conflict, contests of superiority which were not all that peaceful.

The once nations hold no memory of being nations or countries of any sort. The memory is locked up in the darkest corners of their minds and their hearts.

So, what happens when they start to find out?
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