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[Important] Hetalia Archives is on Shoutwiki, Please Disregard Wikia as its vulerable to Fanon

I know this post may come across as spamming and frankly, obnoxious, but I think its important that everyone know about this.

As you know, a couple of months ago Hetalia Archives, the Hetalia wiki MOVED from the host Wikia to Shoutwiki. (full details here). Despite the move, the wikia site is still up (as they wouldn't let us delete it), and up until today the move was advertised on the homepage. However, wikia removed the notice from the page today and on several other wikis, and when admins tried to put them back up, they were banned.

Why is this such a big deal? Because the people keeping an eye on the old wikia are in danger of getting blocked from the site. I know many of you still use the site for reference but I must warn you that since the wiki has moved, it has become overwhelmed with anonymous users posting fanon information and trying to pass it off as official. If the people reverting this edits are no longer in place, that means that the Wikia site can no longer be trusted to provide ACCURATE information. Likely, you'll go visit Italy's page on the wikia one day and see that he has Germany, Japan, and France listed as his lovers and Spain as his pimp daddy, America and England are married and have several bastard children that are all named Allen, and the maid in Episode 1 is actually Philippines and she is madly in love with Japan and likes to listen to punk rock. Basically, it's poised to become a haven for false information, and I urge you to instead refer to the Shoutwiki Site if you don't already. I know Shoutwiki can occasionally be slow, but the information can be trusted.

If you have any questions are concerns, please feel free to contact me or post below. And Please spread the word.

Mods please don't kill me for this post I'll delete it if you want me to.

EDIT: Case in point, this was just added to Finland's page on wikia: Finland and sweden were caught in bed together in one of the later episodes of hetalia. they are homosexual freaks who adopted englands little brother sealand to use as a cute little sex toy to keep france busy. /facepalm
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