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(fanfics) Just in Time for Valentine's Day and Little Al of Hidingland

Title: Just in Time for Valentine's Day, part 18 - Korea, Hong Kong and Ukraine
Author: me
Characters: Ensembe. In this part: America, Finland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, Norway, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, France, England, Belarus, Ukraine + mentions of various other.
Paitings: Too many to list
Rating: T
Warnings: crack, sexual content, general randomness (with a plot though), mild violence, bad language
Summary: Kink-meme request with an original name Guys, Greece is never holding this conference again. Ever. Whole Story: It's the 13th of February 2010, the place is Athens, Greece, and the nations are peacefully having their Pre-Valentine-Conference. Or they should be: because this time, only one certain god can know what will happen next. If even he.
This part: What is Korea carrying around, what Hong Kong does the best and where the **** has Ukraine been all the time?

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Title: Little Al of Hidingland, part 14 - Long Live the Donkey Prince
Author: me
Characters: Ensembe. In this part: Switzerland, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Prussia + mentions of England, America, other Nordics and some Asians
Pairings: none
Rating: E or E+
Warnings: none? Does Egypt speaking count as a warning?
Summary: AU, based on a Finnish fairytale. All characters are animals. Whole Story: Years ago Hidingland was overtaken by an evil wizard who imprisoned the rightful ruler into a place no one knew. Now one person has appeared with the hints of his whereabouts.
This part: A rebellion rises in the capital

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Or start from the beginning again
Tags: -america, -belarus, -belgium, -denmark, -england, -finland, -france, -greece, -hong kong, -japan, -korea south, -liechtenstein, -norway, -prussia, -spain, -sweden, -switzerland, -taiwan, -turkey, -ukraine, fan: fic

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