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Pangaea Island [An AU Roleplay]


Still a fairly new roleplay with lots of open characters! Come and join us!

Long, long ago, the Gods created the world. The world was filled with beautiful lands and oceans and the sky was always blue. But it was a lonely land and the Gods took no pleasure from it. And so they decided to populate the world with plants and animals and precious minerals.

And, through sheer accident, one god created man.

Man was the most unique of the creations of the Gods, but he was also the greediest and most destructive as well. He carved the land, murdered the plants, and brought pestilence down upon the animals.

So the Gods sent a flood to wipe out the scum of mankind. Nearly all things - man, plant, and animal alike - died in the flood.

But one piece of land survived.

An elderly man who wanted nothing more than to protect his loved ones from the flood begged and pleaded with the Gods. They were so impressed with his determination that they granted his wish and saved his family, at the cost of his life.

The earth trembled and suddenly a large expanse of land shot upward to form an island protected from the oncoming tides.

Thus Pangaea was born.


Pangaea Island is a human AU setting in which the characters of Hetalia are inhabitants of the island of Pangaea. The island is uncharted and has never been reached by modern man. That's right, this takes place in the present day. But the people of Pangaea are as unaware of the world outside their home as the people of our world are unaware of them.

Pangaea is ruled by the Citadel, who are the Speakers and servants of the Gods, who are very real entities. The map of the city and its four Quarters can be found here.

Each citizen of Pangaea worships at least one God, according to their own lifestyle. In return, the Gods grant their followers a single gift each, which is a type of magic unique to each person.

Will the people of Pangaea forever live their lives in ignorance? Will the Gods continue to let him live in peace? Only time will tell on...

Pangaea Island

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