sakuratsukikage (sakuratsukikage) wrote in hetalia,

[Fanfiction] Upon the Grass of My Garden

Title: Upon the Grass of My Garden
Author: sakuratsukikage
Rating: PG for hints at sexual themes and kissing.
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan
Summary: Japan is nervous over the idea of sex--Greece talks to him about it.
Notes: This is set during the early 60s, not long before the Tokyo Olympics.  Why?  Because I . . . felt like it, I suppose.  The title is from a poem from the 8th-century collection of Japanese poetry, the Manyoshu, the first anthology of Japanese poetry, by Lady Kasa, which reads: In the loneliness of my heart/ I feel as if I should perish/ Like the pale dew-drop/ Upon the grass of my garden/ In the gathering shades of twilight.

Japan found himself leaping to his feet and starting for the kitchen. “I—I’ll make you some tea,” he stammered out. )
Tags: -greece, -japan, fan: fic

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