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[Rp Ad] Lydel Hetalia

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Lydel was a charming little town, with its local shops and historical castle. However, a few years ago was decided an university should be built here, and therefore the town faced a modernization. While more building were added, expending the town to its actual size, it kept its singular touch and culture, making it an interesting mix of modern and old things. It's a perfect town for students or young people searching for a good opportunity to start a business, which led to the construction of more places to live, including the brand new ForandStyle buildings.

The flats were designed to be rather luxurious, which was a mistake for a lot of people couldn't afford it. The decision was made to rent out the rooms instead, leading to people sharing their flats with three total strangers, sometime leading to mayhem, most of the time leading to a surprisingly good cohabitation.

This RP is based on a forum and a MSN chat. If you don't have msn however, it's fine since people are asked to sum up the events going on on here on the forum in order to keep up.
We're a really friendly community, and would be really happy to welcome new members. Our main goal is to let everyone enjoy rping what they want, however in order to do that we need a set of rules to respect.

One of our particularity is the fact we allow both versions of a character(nyotalia and hetalia) on our forum/chat at the same time.
We currently have a lot of free spots, so feel free to check it out. 
We're especially looking for:
Male: South Italy,Prussia, Italy,France.
both gender: America, Korea.
Our Female Canada especially would love a Korea up to KoreaxCanada, if it was possible.
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