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[ROLEPLAY] Hetalia: X

For as long as anyone can remember, an untold war between humans and mutants has raged in the shadows of everyday life. Nobody knows how mutants came into existence, though rumours of a botched government experiment are often repeated. Fear and prejudice has forced mutants to live their lives in secret, skirting around the edges of society, trying desperately to hide their powers or else face exposure and ridicule from a judgmental world.

Recently, news of a community sympathetic to mutants has spread. Mutants from across the globe have travelled to
Galena City in hopes of finally being able to live amongst humans in peace. There’s even a large, live-in academy for young mutants to learn the usual curriculum as well as how to hone their abilities. Unbeknownst to the arriving mutants, several humans already living in Galena aren’t exactly eager to welcome their new neighbors...

+ Many characters are available to claim, including CANADA and PRUSSIA! We are currently seeking SPAIN, TURKEY, the BALTICS, and DENMARK!
+ Applications for CANON GENDERBENDS are now being accepted!
+ Friendly, active, and experienced mods!
+ Crack-filled Chatbox RPs almost EVERY NIGHT!
Welcome to  Hetalia: X, a super friendly forum always happy to welcome new members~

This is a literate, AU, forum roleplay with mature themes, so it's very important that you read all the rules and supporting information before reserving your character. If you have any questions, check the Chatango to see if any mods are online! We'll be happy to answer your questions ^_^

Moderator Chatango Accounts
PandaBaozi (Hong Kong)
BloodiedVodka (Russia)
ShinattyOnAisu (Iceland)

Character List and Reservations
Application Form

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