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Hetalia Calamity

(New: War & Conquest! Members of Hetalia Calamity are now given the option to wage wars and conquer other nations.)
When December 21, 2012 passed without any incident, people dropped the idea of an apocalypse striking any time soon. No one thought that what was perceived to be the end would actually be the beginning, and so, they remained clueless. The weather grew increasingly worse, but the change was so gradual that hardly anyone noticed.

That was when the apocalypse that people had expected of 2012, the violent and instantaneous destruction, struck.

There was fire and brimstone, sharp winds and violent twisters, rising waters and unbreakable ice. When the devastation, the calamity, was over, there was nothing but death; silence. Resources were so low that even the few survivors had trouble sustaining themselves. And so, the people looked around, and did what was logical.

They took from others.

Suddenly, self-preservation wasn't the only thing to worry about as men, women, and children alike crossed international borders to pillage and raid surviving villages. No matter how the nations begged and pleaded, the people did not listen.

They wanted to survive.

And thus, the calamity continued.

We have an MSN chat group, created and used specifically by the members of Hetalia Calamity. Upon being accepted, you'll be invited to the group.

Many canons are still up for grabs, including Germany, Prussia, Russia, Denmark, North Italy, the Asians, and more!

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