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[4 fics] 3 France/England, 1 Australia/America

All links go to my fic comm thing twentysevenred 


Title: Ordinary
Rating: PG
Warnings: feelings and uh, there's no point to this
For this month's what_the_fruk Challenge Cycle. They didn't get drunk, they didn't have sex and they didn't regret it later. Arthur finds it all very wrong.

And Arthur isn’t sure why there isn’t any tongue, or hands in pants or groping or grasping or gripping or gasping. It’s scaring him a little that he’s okay with this, this pressing of lips and nothing really more. )

Title: Routine
Rating: PG
Warnings: femEngland, morning fluff, implications of sex
France and England can do fluffy mornings too (whether they know it or not is debatable). (kinkmeme deanon)

“Geroff, you great frog.” )

Title: Oh England
Rating: PG
Warnings: Talk about sexual acts, also idk, the origin of the term 'French kiss' is debatable, I was just filling what the requester asked for
America finds out that the 'French kiss' was originally a slur against the country created by the English. England's not happy. France is amused. America is traumatised. (kinkmeme deanon)

“You didn’t know France? Oh my goodness what a paradox! I can’t believe this at all.” )

Title: A Fireworks Fiasco
Rating: PG
Warnings: New Year's kiss and Australian references
For the fairdinkumbamf Christmas event. Prompt: 33. Australia/America - New Years Fireworks. Australia's plans to take America to Sydney Harbour fall through, but sitting on the couch watching the fireworks on the telly ain't so bad when you're sitting next to Australia.

It was about now that America realised he was day dreaming while staring at Australia's face. It wouldn't have been so awkward if Australia wasn't staring right back. )

eeeeeee o3o
Tags: -america, -australia, -england, -france, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk

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