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Have another... Academia International

Academia International
Academia International
Year 2050. The Academia International was created by the International Committee of Education in an effort to create a non-hostile environment for education of students from differing nations and culture. It occupies the man-made island in the Pacific (location undisclosed). Entrance to the island is by invitation of the committee only. Upon entering the island, every student is on equal grounds. No one is richer or poorer than the others. Bullying is strictly prohibited by the school staff. As the school year progresses, it will be up to the student to build their own reputation, make friends, or find enemies.

Academia International. Relationship building, character interaction and having fun is the main goal. The Academia is there to provide opportunities for character -and relationship- growth.

No magic. No world domination. No politics. No Big Bad to defeat.

It's just the everyday life of average students from every nation in the world.
What's not to like?

Applications and Holds are now OPEN
Game opens on the tenth of February or at ten applications, whichever comes first.

Academia is a laid-back community-based slash AU rp. OCs and AUs are, naturally, welcome.

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