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[FAN ART] Roman days!

Title: Roman days
Author/Artist: ShinyBAKA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Lusitania, Hispania, Britannia, Gallia (so, young Portugal, Spain, England, France)
Rating: G
Warnings: none for once?
Western Europe under Roman rule

I kinds of suddenly falls in love with Lusitania. And, wanting to draw her, led me on to draw Hispania, and drawing Hispania made me draw Gallia and drawing Gallia, I need a Britannia.

So it came out... like this.

I kind of read/skim a history book in Spain and Portugal, and coming across the name Lusitania. She seems like a real badass to me. I was trying to figure out where exactly did Portugal and Spain became different identities. Formally, that would be when Portugal finished her reconquista and arrived at her present border. However, reading the book and wikipedia(and some other source? I'm starting to feel bad about always using wikipedia as my main source, though it was the easiest one to gets the idea, then if I need to go deeper, then I look for other sources)

So I think, Lusitania and Hispania is where they separated. As children of the Celtiberians. Rome took both of them by defeating Carthage (and this is another badass I really want to see.) And Lusitania turns out to be one of the most rebellious girl Rome ever met. And the idea of her protecting Hispania is way too adorable I don't even care about the facts. Hispania is his sister's little boy and that led him on to became the possessive and overprotective brother he is. (Have I told you about how Spain is jealous of everyone who got too close to Portugal. Especially England)

Gallia was with Rome a little longer (or so I think....I kinda missed out on him, shame on me) He is more mature than all of the other kids and seems to understand Rome a lot. (He understand everything.... It's just my characterization of France as the big brother whom everyone can rely on....So I always use him as that character who everyone runs to when they have problems, and he always give good advices, unless he's trying to tease you..) He was close to Hispania and helps look out for Lusitania, since she knows nothing of being a woman and being around Rome at the same time.

Britannia I wasn't really thinking about. But he probably was still his mother's little boy. I'd guess he'a rather sad to be away from home and all. And Gallia acts like his older brother, taking care of him and all. Gallia took him together as he leave Rome during the Franks' raid.

Lastly, I know so many people likes male Portugal. I was going for a female, big sister version.

Though, in this pic, I really thinks Lusitania can pass as a brother without doubt. I like the male Portugal as well. So I'm up for anything so long as He/she is the older of the Iberia siblings.

That's it guys! Thank you

OH, and at my journal there're some random drawing stuff and help sheets for basic anatomy.  Just follow the link!

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