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Theatre Of The World [RP Ad]

Do you like plays? Do you like theatres? Then come on down to the Theatre of the World!

The theatre has been around for many generations, the skilled actors of the troupe never failing to entertain. Even now people come from all over just to see the actors work their magic. Perhaps it's the diversity of the crowds or of the actors themselves that gives the place it's name: Theatre of the World.

But, of course, the actors aren't the only important people at the theatre. All of the people who work behind the scenes to bring the show to life are just as important. And, also, those who clean up after the show.

Whatever your reason is for being there, you will surely enjoy yourself. Have no hesitation in joining us! You will not be disappointed.
This is a newly opened RP, so most characters are up for grabs! Come quickly~

Home Rules Character List Application
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