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「ヘタリア娘。」 - a genderbent FST

Title: タリ娘。- Hetalia Musume (lit. "Hetalia Daughter")
Compiled by: 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): genderbent Axis and Allies
Rating: G
Summary: a mash of my two main fandoms--Hetalia and Morning Musume, jampacked into one fat, 2-disc, genderbent fan soundtrack of girly, bubbly, J-pop proportions :D


(cover modeled after 「モーニング娘。All Singles Coupling Collection

Note: i separated the FST into two different posts, one for each disc; since it's about 13 tracks per disc, it'd be too crammed of a post if i stuffed them all in a single one.
download links found in my journal:

D I S C 1


Tags: =group: allied forces, =group: axis powers, anime: music, fan: fst, x do not use this tag - download

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