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First Meetings

Title: First Meetings
Author: 8bit_oj (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano/South Italy, America, Romerica
Word Count: 467 (tiny drabble!)
Rating: G/PG
Warnings: language (fairly tame. Oh Romano)
Summary: Romano meets little America for the first time; another important first happens, as well.

Romano’s eyes widened. He stared at the offering shoved in his face with a look of trepidation, wondering if the tiny nation-person offering him a fruit was sane.

                “You do know that thing is red, right?” Romano said, a scowl wrinkling his pert features. The young blonde just smiled at him and held out the present even more insistently. Normally, the boy’s blonde hair and wide blue eyes would have angered Romano, but somehow this boy was different from the mini potato-bastard that hung around with his brother (and who apparently thought he was a girl, ha!). This boy’s blue eyes were a little darker, and they were somehow more sparkly, more alive even. Instead of a simple straight mop, this boy had an impish cowlick that stuck straight up (very cutely-hell no, Romano did NOT just think that!).

                Romano had snorted when Spain told him that the boy had been named after one of Veniciano’s men who had discovered him, Amerigo Vespucci. Thus, the boy came into possession of a rather feminine name- America. Romano had decided not to turn down Spain’s offer to come to St. Augustine, Spain’s city that was his stake in trying to claim little America. Now, after acclimating himself to the swampy environment, Romano had decided to avoid chores by exploring the countryside and had come upon the small colony-to-be running about. He’d almost run away until the boy had made a noise and grabbed his sleeve, apparently wanting him to stay (“Che, as if anyone wants me around,” Romano thought).

Truthfully, little America had run away from most of the foreigners coming to his land. However, Romano, although taller, didn’t tower over him as the rest did, and so he was curious. He’d never run across any other people like him that were his size (though he had vague memories of another boy, very far North). So, he’d sat the brunet down under a tree and ran off to find a gift. He grabbed the first snack he came across and came back to find the other boy blushing, sitting under the tree still with his arms crossed.

Romano had been surprised when America had come back, and had blushed brightly when America smiled at him, wide and genuine. Which brought them back to their current predicament.

“Okay you little bastard, if I die it’s your fault.” Romano recklessly took a large chomp out of the bright red berry, chewing furiously.

Slowly, Romano’s expression lightened infinitesimally and his chewing slowed. He looked at America, who was watching him closely with great curiosity.

“…it…it’s terrible, you jerk,” Romano scowled. America looked confused for a second, until Romano took another bite of the fruit with gusto. Then, his face lit up with a smile, eyes coming closed as the corners of his mouth came up.

Romano fell in love twice when he bit into his first tomato, though he didn’t realize it.


A/N: I estimate the timeframe of this fic to be around the early 1500s I guess, before America had a formal colonizer and after he’d been discovered by little Veniciano (in my headcanon; Columbus was Northwestern Italian, according to Wikipedia). Romano is a little older physically than America, so at this point he's taller, since America is still ittybitty. Just so no one is confused, the reason Romano thinks tomatoes are dangerous is because back then, people thought it was dangerous because it was a red berry (it is technically a berry, yes, not a vegetable). There are a lot of red berries that are dangerous, I guess. Also, just to be clear, in my head America can’t understand Romano, who is speaking Italian, naturally, during the timeframe of this fic. So he makes his reactions based on Romano’s expressions and actions. =]

I'm so sorry for any history!fail or any other fail; this is my first fic and everything, so nervous. But, there NEEDS to be more America/Romano in the world. Also, there can never be enough about the chibi!nations. So, I wanted to contribute! Crossposted to hold_the_tomato 

Tags: -america, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano

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