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HISTORY RP: HetaEra looking for new roleplayers!

If you just thought "yes" then this might be for you!
We're a historically based literate Hetalia roleplay forum looking for lots of new members. After a period of inactivity many roleplayers dropped out but now we're back with full force and staying active. But, we're still in need many nations.  All open canon-nations are welcome, but if you happen to have an inner muse for any of these nations you would make some of us especially happy;
♔Our Japan is in need of other Asians.
♔Our Nordic Family lacks a Sweden.
♔Our Switzerland would be very happy to have a Liechtenstein.
♔Other specific characters we're very interested in include; France, Germany and N. Italy.

♔Have a special interest in history? Is there some event you have always wanted to roleplay? We're your road straight into the world of history combined with the wonderful Hetalia characters. Our forum can be found HERE and our admins introduce themselves HERE.

♔If we have caught your interest please have a look at the TAKEN CHARACTERS LIST to see what characters are available.
(We do accept OC's. If interested please contact us and we will give you more details about applying!)

♔Another good thing to read through would be the RULES. Please note that we have minimum activity requirements.

♔Please be prepared that, due to the subject of our roleplays, some sensitive matters may be touched upon. Please keep an open mind and respect the other players.

♔Apart for the history and modern RPs we also have a quite active crack section that you are free to participate in as much as you like!

♔Do you feel ready to join? Then we have an application for you to fill out! Since we're very keen on keeping the history on a certain level we would like to see what you're capable of. It's nothing complicated, it's just there to show us you're interested and skilled in producing history related material.
Please note that you must send us the application BEFORE registering at the forum.

♔You may reserve a character in THIS THREAD. These reservations last ONE WEEK.

♔Please send the finished application to hetaera22@gmail.com

♔We hope to see you with us soon!

♔If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them HERE or in this post!

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