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Title: Yuri Dumpan
Author/Artist: xxcharyxx (chary9 on dA) 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): BelgiumxUkraine, Fem!DenxFem!Nor, Fem!ItalyxFem!Germany, TaiwanxFem!China, LiechxFem!Switz, BelgiumxLiech (fic)
Rating: R-17? I'm not sure, personally I'd put it at R-15, but I'm not sure how to rate naked non-explicit chibi's.
Warnings:  Naked non-explicit chibi's doing cute things. GirlxGirl, so obviously, don't like, don't look. HUGE PICTURES. Fic includes mentions of bondage. 
Summary: Haven't posted in a while, so I decided I'd be time to dump some of hetalia yuri exchange related pictures here. Lots of pics, start of a fic. 

All these pictures were for different secret santa's. Posted in order finished (oldest to newest). Click on picture to go to corresponding deviantart page.

Secret santa for crotalus6 who had one prompt for BelgiumxUkraine having fun at the beach c:
Bonus comic here, and bonus sketches here

This one is for Vendobear on devianart, my original plan was to write fic, but that didn't work out. (The crocodile thing is explained though)
Instead I ended up drawing chibi's of every request she asked for :D

Probably my favourite one (and my most recent) for Origamipaperangel who didn't get her secret santa! I offered to draw, but by the time I was finished she already got something, haha, I took quite forever to finish it. This one still goes out for her though! She asked for Fem!Thai x Vietnam or Fem!France x Vietnam, so I thought, why not all 3? 
And here we are c: 

For all you yuri fans, I suggest you check out her youtube channel too, she has quite lovely stuff c:

Finally, I started on this fic. It's BelgiumxLiech and I still intend to continue it as soon as possible. Sorry for those who already started reading it on the kink meme! I didn't think I'd be held up this much... 
The prompt is Belgium walking in on Liech doing selfbondage, so you are warned, although nothing explicit between the two has has happened yet. (That'll be next part.) 

If interested, here is the link.

Tags: -belgium, -china, -denmark, -france, -italy north (veneziano), -liechtenstein, -norway, -switzerland, -taiwan, -thailand, -ukraine, -vietnam, fan: art, fan: comic, fan: fic

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