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Update from World Parade "Ask Germany and Prussia"

Hallo everyone! Sohryu here! I just wanted to say a couple of things...

...About the "ASK GERMANY AND PRUSSIA" section that (Hopefully) will be released on the February Issue of World Parade.
As I intend to make it more dynamic (like an actual roleplay), and I got so many cool questions, I'll have to cut down some of them so I don't end up owning the entire magazine XD!! But NO worries!! as I already answered all of them I'll put them in the next issue!!

http://community.livejournal.com/worldparade/ <-- check all the mags released so far over here!!

Well, you may want to know Why I need to lighten my article. The main reason is that this article is just a Bonus add from me to the magazine. My main job is drawing the covers and article illustrations (*Cough* http://dragonragnarok.deviantart.com/ *Cough*) and I still have to polish all the links between the questions and the answers to fit the storytelling properly. The second reason is that I came up with some pretty cool strips to add on my own article in order to help it's dynamic (one of them being Prussia's prank), so I'll see how I'll manage to do all the stuff XDu.

Thanks for reading, have a good day!
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