Es ist passiert (lovelycudy) wrote in hetalia,
Es ist passiert

[Fic (Drabble)] Easy (G)

Title: Easy
Rating: G
Character/Pairings: America (Alfred). Veiled reference to America (Alfred) > England (Arthur)
Disclaimer: Not mine. No harm is intended.
Warning/Content: AU
Summary: Alfred's life is utterly unremarkable
Notes: De-anon from hetalia_kink. Fill written for this prompt.: The nations are normal humans that once a month hold a representation of a meeting where all pretend to be nations. Then they go away to their homes and normal lives.
This is the first "story" I've ever written for Hetalia. It's almost a drabble and it was written because the idea would simply not leave me alone. Also, this is some sort of string of conscience narrative.
Word Count: 166

Link to story
Tags: -america, fan: fic

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