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Huge Post, with Himaruya answering some questions in English! :D

A really loaded post this time around, everyone! Mentions of uniforms, American Revolution, Scotland, and South American-tans, and even answers some questions in English! :D

EDIT: My sincerest apologies. This post already was made and even had translations and scanlations made by maddred and tarafishes respectively. I decided to post them here! Thanks everyone, and here is the original thread:


Title: Thanks for the letters and e-mails!
This month is especially busy! I’ll do my best to make a great work!
Thanks for your constant support.

The following is a few replies.
>Italy’s doing an underwear demonstration again. Didn’t they do something similar in the past?
I wonder if they some fixation on underwear.

Again! Like Ukraine has being doing topless demonstrations, (showing) underwear might be something necessary for Italians…
Over the years, there have been quite a few women loving Italian bosses, hasn’t there?

Speaking of women loving Italian bosses, Mussolini’s descendant’s photograph is quite the, “Couldn’t you have found a better picture…” shot, which is probably a factoid that you’ll never use in your life.

>The mini character draft of Germany that was on your blog was so cute! It’s a pity it’s a scrapped drawing!

Thank you very much!
Germany is a character I always end up having trouble with coming up with a pose when I draw a mini character of him,
So I’ll do my best to draw him well

Also, I like the, “How should I pose…” feeling of old German commemorative pictures.

>After reading Hetalia, I became interested in the country of Prussia, but what exactly is Prussia?

He’s a country where, opposed to the laid back and no longer voracious Austria, brought together the Germanic states that were affiliated with the HRE, as if he were proclaiming, “I know more about Germany,” then proceeded to defeat Austria and built the foundations of modern Germany. The relations between Japan and Germany started with this Prussia.

He was the odd one in the HRE and by overcoming the odds he continued to gain strength and grew into a military state that could take on large-scale battles, leading to being acknowledged by the other Germanic states. Hard work was key to making the country as it is, but with picking fights with Austria and glaring at countries here and there, in many ways he’s quite rough.

>An interesting bit about the Polish
With the Polish,
If there’s one, he’s a genius
If there are two, there’s confusion
If there are three of them, there’s destruction

Is what’s said about them.
It’s so cute (´`*)
Please draw Poland!

Thanks for the info. ^ヮ^
Come to think of it when they were arguing internally they were invaded by another country….

>Please give me some historical game recommendations!

I recommend EU3 or any games that you can play that covers a long span of history.
If you start playing from the American War of Independence while playing England, it’s a must see, to see British territories being turned into American ones at the speed of light.
England’s difficulty is set on easy during this period wHYyyy iSs tHaaTt?

And Spain and France keep going, “America use this!!” and supporting him.
Added to that America’s kinda scary!! And fast!
It’s impossible to win!!!
America’s in cheat mode from the beginning!

Also, if you use France to go up against Spain at the height of his power, you can play France being utterly destroyed.

There seems to be people using Japan or Ming (China) to conquer the world but that journey is too long for me…

>Also I’d like to know the colour of the aodai (Vietnam’s outfit)
I thought green would be nice, but I’ve begun to think that white’s very nice too.
According to someone who went to Vietnam, the Vietnamese seem to like eye catching primary colours.

>Do you understand Chinese? I can write only Chinese.

I am learning Chinese right now. Chinese is difficult. I’d like to improve!
[TN: Something along those lines. I can only half-arsedly read Chinese (´σ,σ`)]

>i'm french, and i send you some request for see
>france and scotland together,

OOPS! He hasn't appeared yet!
What kind of person do you think Scotland is?
Tell it to me ^ヮ^b
In my image, He is friendly and brave. likes alcoholic, cat, haggis, rich cultural heritage!
Ice cream!!!??!

>hi, i will be happy if you can make some south america countries in hetalia.
the fandom want bresil,mexico and argentina in priority,but me i prefer french guyana,

I would like to draw a South American character.
however I need a lot more study before South American character appears.
I like South America too. Because my close friend is in Ecuador!

>since adding cameroon, have you considered adding other african countries?
which ones interest you most?

I love south africa!
African countries are very hot now.
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