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One Coin Grande Vol. 2 - Interest Check!

Hi there!

I noticed that One Coin Grande Trading Figure vol.2 for Hetalia has been scheduled to be re-released in April 2011~ Just wondering if anyone is interested in "sharing" or buying off from me a few characters if I were to purchase the entire boxset. :3

Characters that I'm willing to let go:
- Hungary
- Austria
- Sweden
- Finland
- Canada & Kumajiro
- Chibitalia & Holy Roman Empire (Secret Characters??)

Each figure is about 10USD excluding shipping from Singapore. I do accept Paypal and concealed cash, or bank-transfer if you're located in Singapore.^^

If anyone is interested please do drop a comment^^ and hopefully something can be arranged. :) :)
Tags: -austria, -canada, -chibitalia, -finland, -hungary, -sweden, x do not use this tag - goods

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