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Elizabeth Porter

(RP Community) Mahou Shojou Nyotalia

Mahou Shojou Nyotalia!

"Do you like magical girls?  Do you like Hetalia?  If the answer to both is yes, then this is the RP for you!"

The world was once a peaceful place, the kingdoms of Pangaea and Hiberna were at peace with each other after years of endless warfare. With the birth of a new princess and her guardians, a new age of prosperity was upon them, a Golden Age of peace. But something stirred beneath the surface, and the peace was shattered, both kingdoms lost to time and ruin.

Come modern day, little is known about the kingdoms, even in whispered myth and the students of Graecia Academy for Girls could care less about the forgotten world, thoughts focused on other things like most teenage girls. But after so long sealed away, the chaos that brought about destruction and nearly threatened the whole world is beginning to rouse and the girls of Graecia Academy will find that when it comes to their own destinies, ignorance isn't always bliss.

A gender bent alternate universe, Mahou Shojou Nyotalia is open and ready to receive applications from anyone interested. A literate roleplay for everyone to enjoy, almost all characters are open for reservations!

> Reserves
> America - pixelizedparade
> Prussia - lacatalyst
> South Italy - numbuhp
> Taken
> Canada - vitamaple_girl
> China -fireyai
> England - mysticpirate
> France - petales_rouges
> Hong Kong - like-lynn
> Hungary - mshungary
> Korea - magicalsudae
> North Italy - felicia.vargas
> Spain - ilovetomatoes12

Application Format
> Name:
> Age:
> Birthplace:
> Extracurricular:
> Likes:
> Dislikes:
> Powers:
> Sample RP:
Tags: =group: all nations, ad: roleplay

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