slashy_lady (slashy_lady) wrote in hetalia,

Fanfic: A Love Story in Paris


Title: A Love Story in Paris
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: PG13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur and Alfred/ArthurxAlfred
Word Count: 2795
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warning: This fic is not beta-ed and done in a rush so if you find any error in it, beg pardon (and notify me?). And, uh, please suspend your disbelief.
Some Kind of Summary: This is a love story in Paris, or 'The True Story of How Alfred and Arthur Met'. It involves Alfred and Arthur, it involves Paris, and it involves love. And it also involves jails.
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 3 - Around the World


He’s a bit wary to get so close with someone he just met in a jail, but—considering that he was also inside the cell at that moment—it would be too much like a pot calling the kettle black and still had the nerve to criticize said kettle’s engraving.

The link will bring you to my writing journal; cross-posted to usxuk.
Throw me some love, anyone?
Tags: -america, -england, fan: fic

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