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[COS PHOTOS] AustriaXHungary and RussiaXChina [CMV]

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Austria X Hungary), Communist Love Song (Russia X China)
Author/Artist: Photographer: afteryoru (DA  youtube) Cosplayer: Kei
(HoneydewLoveCosplay), TeaWithGeorge, SuperSushi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria X Hungary, Russia X China
Rating: A mature mind
Warnings: Extream moeness of the cosplayers, Russia's Rape Cave and image heave
y: Photos from two shoots plus videos


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This is a photoshoot I did with TeaWithGeorge and SuperSushi during Hetalia day (So long ago D; )
It was a short photoshoot that lasted 7 minutes before I  was kidnapped *cough*kei*cough*
Full album: http://www.cosplay.com/shoot/196343/

If you still don't think my models are awesome, watch this:

And this is a vid that I never posted here, made by Voodooling, it was also filmed at Hetalia Day.

And here's a panorama of some of the cosplayers there that day, making the map.

Communist Love Song

And this is a photoshoot I did during our filming of Communist Love Song with TeaWithGeorge and Voodooling.
I want to make the photo look like movie stills ;w; Full Album: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/201191/
Here's the video:

And the photos:

And of course, bloopers XD


Thanks for looking at these photo! see you next time 8D
Tags: -austria, -china, -hungary, -russia, fan: cosplay, fan: videos

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