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Sunflower Fields apartment rp ad

Welcome to Sunflower Fields! An apartment complex run by Ivan Braginski~!
With your own personal room, everyone else's rooms, the complex and town to explore there's a lot to do! Details inside~!

We have many cannon characters open! Including the full axis~!
(Picture above drawn by our Belgium)

Thank you for wanting to know more~! We'd love to see you join us!

This is an MSN rp btw ouo

Details about the places already established in the rp! Do note that you can add onto these as you like~
Common room: Room on the bottom level of the complex where most rping goes on, living room type setting.
Common kitchen: A kitchen that everyone shares, though you can have your own in your room. Attached to the common room.
Parking lot: Cars...and Russia's tank.
Town: Looots of stuff. And your country can have their own little district to meet their needs, etc. Just about anything you can think up that normally wouldn't be in a complex would be here.
Outside the complex: Pool, hot spring, sunflower field.

I think that's it for that! Once again you're fully free to add at anytime to meet your rp needs.

Not a lot of rules, just the usual general.
Such as no godmode, etc,
If an rp is going on please don't spam it with OOC bracket talk.
If another person is gone or not, do not change your name to a country you're not unless you wish to change characters. (Ex: Sign up as Japan, but change name to Denmark while the Denmark is gone).
Having more than one character isn't allowed, sorry! Too confusing.
If you want to drop your current character and switch to another nontaken one, you must submit another app for that character.
Activity is pretty encouraged. But we won't jump down your throat for not being here everyday, you've got a life we understand. But! If we don't see you for a while(like two weeks?) I'll contact you and give you a week to reply back. Otherwise your character will be up for grabs.

Taken: Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China, Liet, America, Liechtenstein, England, France, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Egypt, Belarus, Estonia, Greenland.

How to apply! Don't be scared!

Country you want:
Your MSN email:
Rp example: This doesn't have to be very long or complicated! We're not that picky. Maybe a paragraph is the longest you'll really need to do.
(Ex: Privyet! I'm Ivan Braginski~! I own these apartments, you want to come live with me da? Become one maybe...? -giggles- It's such a nice place~ I have sooo many friends here! -smiles- It's much like my old home, except with looots of sunflowers now. Which..I think I might like a bit more than the tenants.)
Just PM your applications to me via message on this LJ.
Also! If you don't think you can give a paragraph or example like this by yourself, tell me and we can rp it out together in MSN!

And! I think that's about it~! <3 Thanks for reading.
We hope to see you soon! Especially tomorrow, which is the rp's first b-day. Old rp is old.
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