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Musicaltalia Is Now Hiring!

World Conference Classifieds

The Hetalian International Theatre Co. is an internationally recognized theater performance group dedicated to the presentation of high quality productions. They are known for their commitment to hiring company members from nations all over the world. H.I.T. was opened several months ago, after a mysterious Italian philanthropist donated the necessary funding required to provide a location where people of all countries could come together to celebrate art, music and performance.

Notice: Hetalian International Theatre Company is currently holding open casting for actors, musicians and other performers to fill spots for its first musical production. All interested parties should report to the theatre during the casting session that is scheduled to begin this Friday and will continue throughout the week.

Also: H.I.T. is looking for staff and technical crew to hire for its first production. The theatre is currently seeking to hire for all positions.

Musicaltalia: Extravagant productions. Audience adoration. Critical acclaim.

Drama, comedy, vivid personalities, and unpredictable chaos are the norm in this Hetalia-based RP featuring the duality of a show within a show. Nightly performances are the key to making a theatre successful, but what also happens once the curtain has dropped for the night? This board follows the stories of characters in the time before, during and after the spotlights turn off -- featuring the interwoven interactions of diva actors, harried stage crew, frazzled theatre staff and all the other cast that happen behind the scenes.

New performances of popular musicals will be ‘featured’ at the Theatre every month to keep things fresh (and to leave room for whole new sets of problems to arise). Actors will audition for roles, stage crew will build sets and create costumes, and the unfortunate director will attempt to juggle the madness of the entire affair. All under the remote eyes of the Theatre’s staff and caretakers, overseeing the business end of the industry.

Musicaltalia is a brand new literate RP forum, seeking members to fill the role of the nations, and to fill the ‘cast’ of characters that will become the Hetalian International Theatre Company. We are looking for mature, active players that have the time to commit, the flexibility to work with others and a love for both Hetalia: Axis Powers and musical theatre.

Character List


Character List

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