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HetaPico Seeking New Members!

Hetalia Pico;

Welcome to the Hetalia RP community created especially for Pico!
In this community you may post up pictures from your escapades as pico Hetalians or announcements for meetups and the like. Introductions are ok! Spam posts are ok! This community is as much serious business as the roleplay.
The roleplaying DOES NOT take place on the community (Though you of course can comment entries as your character) This community is mainly for information on the RP.

What is Pico?
Pico is the English version of Pigg, an online game created by Ameba. It is an online game where one may create a boy or girl character. It’s essentially an online chat game like Yo Ville or something.
You can find it here;

How do I join?
Simply create a character and then post up the information in the Character List thread.
Repeats are definitely ok, as not everyone may be online at the same time. Check the character list for unloved characters though!

Please follow the rules so we can all enjoy a nice community.
- Every post must be Hetalia related.
- Have common courtesy. Do not start fights.
- Tag all of your entries appropriately.
- Only advertise Hetalia communities please.
- All large images must go under a cut.
- KEEP SPAM HETALIA RELATED. Mods will delete your entry and ban any member that continues to spam.
Helpful Links;
--All sorts of questions are answered here! (attention! old link)
2; Character List
--Please follow the form and submit a character here!
Though we have several nations active, we'd love more! We allow repeats, OCs, and genderbent...whatever you want!
Looking for serious roleplay? Come join!
Looking for crack roleplay? Come join!
Looking for something else?
Hell, come join anyway!
Tags: =group: all nations, ad: roleplay

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