Cap'n Jurassica (acqua_toffana) wrote in hetalia,
Cap'n Jurassica

Omokaji Ippai! [A Piratetalia FST]

Title: Omokaji Ippai! (Hard to Starboard!)
Compileracqua_toffana (me ♥)
Character(s): Mainly centers around England and Spain ('cause, y'know, they're the pirates), but I threw in a few others as well.
Rating: 16+ (For violence, swearing, flogging, whoring, pillaging, and unbelievable amounts of booze. Not like you were expecting anything else.)
Length: 53 minutes
Summary: 15 songs (7 general pirate songs + 2 instrumental songs + 6 mostly crack pirate-themed character songs). Starts out badass, gets angsty (but the badass kind of angsty), then ends in silliness. The non-instrumental tracks are arranged in more or less of an alternating England, Spain, England (and so on) pattern.
Disclaimer: Music and fanart aren't mine; I just threw some songs together and made a pretty cover.

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[ Hard to Starboard! ]

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Tags: -america, -canada, -england, -france, -prussia, -spain, anime: lyrics, anime: music, fan: fst, x do not use this tag - download, x do not use this tag - uk

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