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Hetalia Caramelldansen - cosplayers needed

I'm advertising again because there are still open characters to cosplay so... Join in and dance!

Hi, people. I've made a youtube account and a video for this activity:

Link to the vid:

I want to make a vid based on the video called Hetalia caramelldansen (I think everyone has seen it)THIS:

But this time with cosplayers so... If you want to entry the only thing you have to do is record you dancing the caramelldansen with your cosplay (during 20 seconds)and then upload to youtube with the title: Hetalia caramell [Italy cosplay] (for example) and then I will put it all in a video :3

TIME LIMIT: March 15th


Italy - pekasairroc
Germany - allu kun
Japan - kenichi bokushi
America - sirvalkyrie
England - yuhi03
France -
Russia - muddy406
China - loveanime18
Canada - lamp of fate
Spain - shigu-chan
Romano -
Austria - bokimu
Hungary - ktgirlawesome
Prussia -
Belarus -
Ukraine -
Lithuania -
Poland - kenichi bokushi
Estonia -
Latvia -
Sealand -
Turkey - natekeehl
Greece - take it
Cyprus -
Sweden -
Finland -
Denmark - Lamp of fate
Norway -
Iceland -
Switzerland -
Liechtenstein -
Holland -
Belgium -
Monaco -
Korea -
Hong Kong - blacksoulandy
Taiwan - haruyan
Vietnam -
Australia -
New Zeland -
Cuba - raz2b
Chibitalia -
Seychelles - 4n631ic0b1ivi0n
Ottoman empire - raz2b

Casual Lithuania - rose mcsugar
fem!Iceland - take it.
Casual Prussia - themightyalbino
Traditional China - subaru_wang
Halloween!Prussia - Allu kun
Gilbird - daily_ruse
fem!Prussia - x_tatyamihailov

-> The genderbends and the others versions (like revolutionary!USA etc.) are allowed. And animals too xD

If I have forgotten any character remind me it, please.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask!

*Yeah, I forgot to say that the background have to be a wall (the color doesen't matter) and you can hang the flag or put something related to the country if you want.

The most important is that you have to record you at the same distance in the video (from head to knees) because it will be better when I gather all.

Don't forget to record with light enough!*

Tags: -australia, -belarus, -belgium, -chibitalia, -estonia, -finland, -france, -iceland, -italy south (romano), -korea south, -sealand, -ukraine, -vietnam, =group: all nations, =group: allied forces, fan: cosplay

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