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~Memento Mori~

When the clock strikes midnight, the world goes still.

The sky turns venomous green, water is red as blood, electronics cease to work, and all the innocent citizens of the earth are transmogrified into ruby caskets under the eerie glow of a yellow moon. Only those with the potential and the power of persona are left free to roam the streets and fight against the powerful and mysterious creatures known as shadows.

This is the Dark Hour.

~Remember you are human~

A strange and tragic history surrounds the city.

Thirty years ago, a mysterious illness spread across Port Yasotaria. The epidemic had no cause or reasoning, but the bizarre occurrences seemed to start after an explosion occurred in a special research facility in the center of the city. Without warning people would suddenly stop acting like themselves, turning into little more than emotionless shells that would stand in the same spot for hours murmuring about monsters that would appear in the middle of the night and disappear by day. Others simply went missing. For nearly a year these occurrences continued without explanation or warning until finally, one day, the entire population seemed to simply disappear over night.

Now, thirty years after the incident, Port Yasotaria has completely rebuilt itself and stands as a beautiful and cultured modern city. The population has boomed beautifully and people are happy there. Like all cities, it has it's ups and downs, but looking at it, no one would imagine that it was once the place of such tragedy. The city's crowning jewel is it's multi-cultural and prestigious World W Academy, where students from all over attend.

The reason was never found...

~Remember you will die~

With time, the story faded and simply became that of "legend".

However, recently, strange cases have been popping up around the city. Several people have gone missing and others seem to have simply lost all their humanity; any signs of emotion or function have just vanished--yet they remain completely conscious. Rumours say that these people have been muttering about Shadows and The End, but no one really knows for sure...

After all, those without the potential cannot walk during the extra hour, nor are they even aware it exists. The ones who do are the people who have disappeared or gotten sick. Only those with the potential have the ability to do that, and it seems that such persons have all managed to come to the island around the same time.

But history has a way of repeating itself...

Something is drawing nearer, and the only answers lie within the Dark Hour. It is up to the Persona users to fight the Shadows and stop The End from coming... before it's too late.

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