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feliz cumpleaños 12/02

Title: Happy birthday Spain
Author/Artist: Shinybaka
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: um...none?
a happy birthday pic for Spain.

It is that time of year that I've been waiting for!!

At first I was so sure I wasn't going to get anything done in time! but no, No! I HAVE time, this is amazing!

I draw it during class, then color at home.
I've been waiting for this day to do something. It  is a little disappointing that this is all I did for him, but oh...well...

I know it's not the most cheerful picture or anything, like coloring this way and at least this is the nice handsome Spain I missed so much. (Oh you've no idea what have I been doing to him all this time, right? before I got so all over his sister?)

It was a little annoying, the fact that I ruined an image every time I overworked it. It was looking so nice in pencil, and I really wanted to paint it and all, but..oh well.

Oh but, but! I got a little more things for today.

A revisit on our favourite Hapsburg husband and wife!

In the end they really look good together.
I'm gathering myself back to do the continuation of Miracle (if you guys remember what that is...) It's been so long, and I stopped at the good part! That was so bad!

But alright! That's it for today!

Happy birthday again for Spain! and what should I say to the Spanish people?

Tags: -austria, -spain, fan: art

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