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SALE! Doujinshi, One Coin figures and posters!

Moving out of my place and I need to let go of some things. All prices include regular airmail shipping from Japan. Will give discount if you take more than one item. Paypal only please.

If you would like to buy something, please leave your paypal email so I can invoice you.

Doujinshi SuDen, SuFin and PrussiaxGermanyxAustria


All are $12 each

From left to right

1. Cafe Sverige (SuDen)
Cricle: 23.4
Pages: 25

2. Don't let me be misunderstood (SuDen)
Cricle: 23.4
Pages: 16

3. Chotto dake hitori de dekirumon! Ich kann allein alles machen! (PrussiaxGermanyxAustria)
Cricle: cocca
Pages: 17

4. Su-san to san nin no nyoubou
Cricle: Love Birthday
Pages: 20

One Coin Figures Japan (on hold), Romano, Italy(on hold), Prussia, France

All are $11 each


Hetalia Stick Poster

Each pack comes with 2 posters. For sale are Russia+Japan and China+England

$12 each or $20 for both.


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